Andy Hull


Andy gave up engineering for art and graduated in Printmaking from Brighton University in 1999 having spent time at Kansas City Art Institute. This made him interested in process-driven art and he taught himself photography, drawing, painting and sculpting in clay. Andy spent 3 years with a studio in Paris, where his show made the front page of the city’s listings magazine, and then a decade at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle. He is now using computer software to combine large autobiographical paintings with sculptures of the characters in them. He is also experimenting with photography and video. Andy normally works alone but a recent collaboration resulted in winning Fablab’s Makerthon in Sunderland. Andy has developed commissions from Brighton to Gateshead, where he is involved in Bensham Grove Pottery. For Andy, it’s all about the excitement of the idea and self-expression without compromise.

For more information about Andy’s practice, visit his Facebook page Art ‘n’ Evryfink or drop by his studio to see him at work